Tuesday, September 23, 2008

GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!

friday night football games are so much fun!
here is the star of the night, aka bryce, and me and bre. what the heck he is our little brother and he is taller then both of us, not fair. anyways we have fun watching him. Although Mason is not so sure yet about all the screaming fans and the band yet but he is getting better.

I think this is just supposed to be a senior pic but Bryce jumped right in!

Brown Bear, Brown Bear....

mason favorite book in the whole world! I have it memorized, i am sure i have read it a million times at least. Whatever it takes to make him stop crying.I have to say brown bear is starting to grow on me;-)

Mason first time eating cereal, and he was making a huge mess. Also Derricks first time feeding a baby by the look of it, look at those big Bites. They are so cute I am not sure though if Mason is ready for this yet. He has to figure out how to swallow still he keeps trying to push it out with his tongue. I think we will try peas tonight, wish us luck!!!

Mason and Landon, only ten days apart. They are going to be such good friends, can u tell who is older? You can definatly tell who is bottle fed, Mason is very chunky compared to Landon. I can't wait til they can play together. SO SO SO Cute I just want to give them millions of kisses!!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mason getting ready for the day.

He is so happy in the morning playing in his crib and watching his moble. Ahh the good ol days when life was so much easier. He is growing so fast, thank goodness for cameras.

Me and Bre waisting away again at Margaritaville. On my dads trip down here tovisit Mason of course we had to go to the finally opened Margaritaville. We had so much fun even though we drove almost an hour to get there and the food was so so. I love getting togther with the whole family we can make anything Fun! Wade and Lori even joined us. So of course we had to take pics with the baby at his first bar who knows Jimmy Buffett Could be the next Elvis, memories.